Improve Response time!

Chiropractic: Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy Speeds Up Response Time. 

In a study researchers took military personnel and gave them an adjustment. They noted improvement in there whole body motor response tasks.

There are many benefits to chiropractic adjustments ranging from neck and back pain relief to improved digestion, thinking, hearing, vision, balance. The list goes on and on with things people have reported to me over the years.

But have your ever thought about what it would take to respond better?

What if your a goalie on a hockey team? How about a fire fighter? Do you think quicker response times would be important? Just about any thing you do can be plugged into this question.

What exactly does a chiropractic adjustment do for you to create a faster response in motor tasks?

Spinal subluxations cause a decrease in nervous system balance and function. The misaligned and lower movement spinal segments cause a cascade of balance and coordination dysfunction. When you remove the interference you balance out the nervous system allowing faster response time.

The question is how bad to you want to improve yourself?

Bad enough to call and make an appointment? Bad enough to just show up on my office doorstep and walk in for an improved response spinal adjustment?

Trials, January 2019

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