Ligaments, Muscles And Whiplash


When people are injured in a whiplash accident we often think most of the damage is to the muscle of the neck and back.  While muscle damage is very painful ligament damage also contributes a significant amount of pain.  The ligaments are often stretched and or torn causing instability to the joints of the neck and back.

Muscles heal quickly compared to ligaments due to the increased blood supply versus ligaments.  Ligament healing is a much slower process and is a factor in why whiplash injuries take month’s to heal.

When you snap your head forward you stretch both tissues. Muscle and ligament strength can be compromised.  Ligaments connect the bones together and help protect the delicate nerves of the neck and back.  Muscles move the joints and add stability support.

Ligament and muscle damage can be detected using physical exam, Xrays with forward and back bending and also using an MRI. Small tears, inflammation and swelling show up on the MRI scan.

Chiropractic care improves the mobility of the joints and helps strengthen the damaged tissues.



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