Low Back Pain, Your Weight, Your Waist To Hip Ratio, Your BMI

Using a common fitness test and a self administered questionnaire researchers have show that the higher your BMI (body mass index) along with less physical activity equals the higher numbers of low back pain

BMC Public Health, March 2018

How much exercise is enough?

Everyone should get in 60 to 90 minutes of walking type activity per day. This type of exercise would be mild to moderate intensity.

It doesn’t have to be walking though. Riding bicycle, cleaning the house, washing the car, playing frisbee are all examples of activities that can be done.

The key is movement. Do what you like to do. If its cold and windy outside find activities to get up and move around the house. Even the smallest movements help control your body weight.

You can look online to figure out what your ideal BMI is.

I have seen research that another way to judge what your weight should be to be your healthiest is to take your waist to height ratio. The ration of your measurements around your thickest part of your waist divided by your height in inches or centimeters should equal .5 or less.

Example. A 6 foot tall person (72 inches in height) divided by 36 inches = .5.

Guys that means the widest part of your belly not your pants size with your belly hanging over.

Research shows that the lower the ratio below .5 the better your health and longevity.

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