I came in with lower back pain and couldn’t sit or stand without pain. The treatment really helped. I am now able to do all the activities I normally do.

– Carol C.

My mobility in my back is much better. I feel looser and relaxed since coming to Dallman Chiropractic.

– Scott H.

Dr. Dallman has been my “back” savior. He has kept me walking when all else failed. And, he listens to life events. So he not only treats physical, he has treated the whole person. Thanks!!

– Cynthia S.

I have been seeing Dr. Dallman for 3 years. He always has a great attitude and is concerned about how I am doing. I have severe back and neck problems. He fixes me right up, all the time. I tell people to go to him and then they do. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

– Kariann L.

I came in for knee pain and back pain and am 100% better!!! He always makes me smile, he knows just what to do!! He’s great!!

– Jean C.

I came in with severe back and neck pain, and after therapy, I feel like a new person. Thank you Dr. Dallman.

– Amber M.