Why You Don’t Want To Live With Back Pain

Last week I had a patient who had been putting up with back pain for years.

I personally don’t wait when my back flairs up.

Why is this?

When your tweak your back doing something often the first response is a muscle reaction.

Muscles move bones so your joints are restricted immediately.

Studies on mice show that after as little as 10 days of joint immobilization the surface of the joints start to erode into what we know as arthritis.

Studies also show that this process can be reversed by restoring the motion and keeping your spine moving.

Motion is lotion to the joints. Without movement the joint will erode and become degenerative.

Much like not brushing your teeth will cause cavities.

So unless your ok with degenerative joint disease of your joints and all the trouble it brings, you have to get the joints adjusted and fix the problem quickly before it is to late.

Watching your back

Dr John Dallman

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